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Diva has been in the Aesthetic, Slimming and lifestyle industry for 8 years, and after years of providing healthy meal plans to our clients, we have decided to make your experience more optimal by introducing this online platform.  We take great pride in helping our clients achieve their goals. After years in the industry, Diva Slimming and Aesthetics has recognised a need held by just about everyone, to improve their lifestyle through a healthier diet.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle speak for itself as everyone is moving toward it to reach their end goal. Our Plans are individually designed by a professional team of highly qualified dieticians who will ensure that your diet suits the goals you have set for yourself. We make your life easy and convenient, you will get your menu daily after your registration. We supply different types of meal plans for all kinds of people. Diabetic friendly, hormonal imbalances, postpartum mothers, people who are clinically obese and need to lose weight for medical reasons and the list goes on.

For your convenience these remarkable meal plans are now available at just a click of a button.

Getting healthy and into shape should make your life amazing, not a struggle!

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  • Our healthy eating plans are tailored to your body and your goals. Our goal is to make you healthier
    and more health conscious rather than a gym addict.

  • Losing weight requires a lot more than just being active. It requires you to eat the right nutrients at
    the right time. Our eating plans are developed around the key principle of nourishing your body
    every 2 – 3 hours with balanced, healthy, energy enhancing nutritious meals and snacks.

  • You can get back into shape by following our healthy, sensible, practical fat burning recipes.

  • Our healthy eating plans ensure that muscle tissue is preserved and that the weight loss comes from
    fat reserves in your body. The plan will encourage portion control and healthy choices.

  • When it comes to weight loss, the simplest, fastest way to make impactful lasting changes is to form
    habits that you can stick with for life. Our plans involve easy to follow meal preparations.

What makes our plans special?

  • Thousands of Diva Slimming and Aesthetic centers’ clients have proved that our plans work and now you can purchase our plans from anywhere in the world just with a click of a button,  start changing your life TODAY.

  • Diva  personalised plans are  based on your current health status , medical history and the foods your
    body needs.

  • Following this program can help you reboot your metabolism, rebalance your biochemistry and support you in achieving weight loss, and learning weight management skills that can be maintained for a lifetime.

Get Healthy, Feel Great

Flexible membership options which take your personal characteristics into account to provide you with a tailored weight-loss experience.