How Our Meal Plans Work

When you have registered, the website will do the rest for you!

  • Once a plan has been selected and paid, you will receive a weekly shopping list for the items that needs to be purchased for the upcoming week.

  • The list will include everything you will need for a week, for your meal planning.

  • You will then log in everyday to receive your set menu for the day.

*To increase the effectiveness and motivation of this plan, we would urge you to keep track of your progress towards your goal.

Who are Diva Meal Plans for?

  • Ladies and gentleman from the ages 18 to 55 years old

  • Ladies who are looking to prepare their bodies for pregnancy

  • Postpartum mothers who would like to get their bodies back into shape after pregnancy

  • Pregnant mothers who would like to be healthy whilst getting the right nutrients and vitamins

  • Busy bodies who do not have time to attend the gym

  • People who would like to change their lifestyle and become more health conscious, making healthier decisions that would be a long term adjustment

  • Anyone who is looking to add a healthy lifestyle to their gym routine

  • People who have diabetes

  • People who struggle with hormonal imbalances

  • Clinically obese people who need to lose weight due to medical problems

  • Ladies and gentleman who are looking to lose a few kilograms

  • If you feel you lack energy, due to bad eating habits

  • If you do not have any ideas of what to cook

  • Getting off the dieting rollercoaster


Step 1: Find your plan

Fill in our questionnaire or shop all of our plans to find which plan is best for you. Once you are happy with the one you have found, you can move on to step two.

Step 2: Payment

Once you choose to buy a plan, you will have to fill in your personal information and valid credit card details. You will create your account details for future access to your plan at the same time.

Step 3: Following The Program

You will have access to a personal account where you can access weekly shopping lists and your daily meals. Please access your account on a daily basis to help you in following your plan.

Get Healthy, Feel Great

Flexible membership options which take your personal characteristics into account to provide you with a tailored weight-loss experience.