“I am honestly living my best life, the Diva Meal Plans changed me, from the inside out.”

“In October 2018 I started the plan, fast forward two months later, I had lost just over 15kg on the plan alone! I never thought I would ever lose so much weight just by eating right! I feel like a completely different person…the health benefits that came with it all are mind blowing! I feel lighter, I’m never hungry, I no longer snore, heel problems are gone! I’m buzzing with energy, my skin is glowing! The list is endless! Thanks again Jennifer and the entire Diva team”


Former Client

“My life has changed and I have gained so much confidence. I am ready to live my life to the fullest.”

“I followed Diva for some time and could see the change it was bringing in other people’s lives, so as soon as the call was made for the new group I jumped on it. I was big, unhealthy and unhappy; did not love myself and in turn hated everything that required me to be in social situations. I am so glad that I finally took a step and made a decision to change my life. None of this would have happened without Diva. Need to make a change? Connect yourself with Diva, you wont regret it.”


Former Client

“Jennifer, Ang and the rest of the Divas are an amazing team of professionals. Thank you.”

“This journey I’m currently a part of is something I could never imagine. When I started my eating plan I was never hungry. The meals are really great and healthy. I have lost 15kg in two months just off the eating plans. People compliment me saying I look younger, my energy levels are high which my six-year-old son loves since I can run with him. I started attending Zumba classes and haven’t laughed and had that much fun in years. Jennifer has taught me so much about my body and all the bad things I have put in it.”


Former Client

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